980nm IR Fluorescence power

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980nm IR-fluorescent pigment also called Anti-counterfeit pigment, It is colorless, while under IR light, it will show green color.
The active wavelength is: 940nm-1060nm.
Peak wavelength is: 980nm.

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980nm IR Fluorescence pigment power



1.Infrared Fluorescence power

2. Chemical Structure: Inorganic

3, excitation wavelength: 980nm

4, emission wavelength: 500nm

5, melting point: ≥1000°C

6, pigment appearance color: white inorganic powder.

7, excited fluorescence color: high concentration, light bright, bright, pure spectrum of green fluorescence.

8, fineness: ≥300 mesh

9, press: excellent.


10, use: widely used in security ink. Can also be used for infrared laser detection board, also applies to plastic film, can be combined with laser holographic anti-counterfeit identification to play a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting effect. The fluorescent color of the pigment is pure, excellent physical and chemical properties, high fluorescence intensity, stable performance, and good printability.


11. Pigment treatment: Due to the increased post-processing of pigmentation in the later stage of the production process, the product has improved dispersibility, oil absorption, transferability, and printability.

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