temperature changing color paint thermochromic paint pigments

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Thermochromic pigment are thermochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They are colored below a specific temperature, and change to colorless or to another lighter color as they are heated through the temperature range.These pigments are available in various colors and activation temperatures.The particle size between 3-10um and its appearance is color or colorless powder.

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Product Name:thermochromic pigments

Other Name:temperature sensitive pigment,pigment color change by temperature 


Application in Ink & Paint

1. Can disperse in ink and paint, avoid to dilute with polar solvent as alcohol,
acetone. The alkene solvent as toluene, xylene is suitable.
2. Can apply in both oil and water type resin.
3. Proper PH value of selected substrate for it is 7-9.
4. Suggested usage is 5%~30% (w/w).
5. Suitable for screen, gravure, and flex graphic printing ink.
Application in Injection & Extrusion:

1. Suitable for many resins, such as PP、 PE、 PVC、 PU、 PS、 ABS、 TPR、 EVA、
Nylon、 Acrylic.
2. Suggested usage is 0.1%~5.0% w/w.
3. Can be used with other pigments
4. Avoid using it above 230℃

Should be kept in a dry place under room temperature and do not expose to

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