thermochromic pigment for heat sensitive car paint heat activated color changing pigment

Short Description:

Themochromic pigments are composed of micro-capsules that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the pigment goes from colored to colorless (or from one color to another color). The color returns to original color as the pigment is cooled down.

Product Detail

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Product Name:thermochromic pigment

Other name:heat activated pigment,color change by temperature pigment


Thermochromic pigment can be used for all types of surfaces and mediums such as paint, clay, plastics, inks, ceramics, fabric, paper, synthetic film, glass, cosmetic color, nail polish, lipstick, etc.Application for offset ink, security offset ink, Screen printing application, marketing, decoration, advertising purposes, plastic toys and smart textiles or whatever your imagination takes you.


For plastic: Thermochromic pigment can also be used with plastic injection molding or extrusion products such as PP, PU, ABS, PVC, EVA, silicone, etc.

For coating: thermochromic pigment suitable for all types of surface coating products.

For inks: thermochromic pigment suitable for all kinds printing of materials, including fabric, paper, synthetic film, glass, etc.


Processing temperature

The processing temperature should be controlled below 200 ℃, the maximum should not exceed 230 ℃, heating time and minimize material. (High temperature, prolonged heating will damage the color properties of the pigment).



Mainly Application

*Suitable for natural, nail polish or other artificial nails art. – Durable: No odor, eco-friendly, well heat resistance.

* Suitable for Creating a color changing thermochromic slime that changes color with temperature for the home or classroom.

* Suitable for textile printing, screen printing, security offset ink .

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