IR phosphor pigment powder infrared fluorescent pigment anti-counterfeiting pigment

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Other Names:anti-stokes phosphors

wavelength at peak:980nm

Excitation:940-1060 nm


White or Pale White-pink Color

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Infrared up-conversion material, also called infrared powder or infrared excitation powder, is a rare earth luminescent material that can convert near-infrared light into visible light. It can convert near-infrared light that cannot be recognized by human eyes into visible light, and is widely used in infrared display, infrared detection and anti-countfeiting.
Infrared up-conversion phosphor under the light excitation of 940nm-1060nm, can achieve red, green, blue, yellow light output, high brightness, average particle size of 2-5 microns, mature and stable process technology.

Infrared up-conversion phosphor: sensitive to response, colorful, long life, strong concealment performance, high safety performance.
The detection is convenient and quick, and the infrared beam can be effectively detected, tracked, identified and proofread.


Infrared up conversion anti-counterfeit phosphor can be applied to ink, printing, injection molding, ceramics, plastics, glass, pulp, chemical fiber, infrared up-conversion anti-counterfeit phosphor can be added to inorganic pigments without affecting the luminescent effect.

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