Color Change Pigment UV Photochromic Pigment for Textile

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Photochromic pigment is a new product developed by micro-encapsulation technology. It adopts UV-sensitive microcapsules to encapsulate pigment and enable color change below UV light. Before sun/uv light, it can be keep original color, after sun/uv light, it will be change to another color.

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Average particle size: 3 microns; 3% moisture content; heat resistance: 225ºC;

Good dispersion; good weather fastness.


Recommended usage amount:

A. Water-based ink/paint: 3%~30% W/W

B. Oil-based ink/ paint: 3%~30% W/W

C. Plastic injection/ extrusion: 0.2%~5% W/W

It can be used for textiles, clothing printing, shoe materials, handicrafts, toys, glass, ceramic, metal, paper, plastic, etc.


1.Substrate selection: PH value of 7 ~ 9 is the most suitable range.
2.Excessive exposure to UV light, acid, free radicals or over humidity could lead to light fatigue. It is generally recommended to add UV absorbers and antioxidants to improve light fatigue resistance.

 3.Additives like HALS, antioxidants, heat stabilizers, UV absorbers and inhibitors can improve light fatigue resistance, but a wrong formulation or unsuitable selection of additives could also accelerate light fatigue.

 4.If condensation happens in the water emulsion with photochromic pigment, it is recommended to heat and stir, then reuse after dispersing.

5.Photochromic pigment does not contain harmful substances to humans. It conforms to the safety regulation of toys and food packaging.

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