UV Activated Pigment 365 nm UV Security pigment UV Fluorescent pigment

Short Description:

Other Names:phosphor powder

wavelength:254nm, 365nm

Usage:Coating Pigment, Cosmetic Pigment, Ink Pigments

Packaging DetailsUV reactive fluorescent pigment powder packed in 100 g/bag, 500 g/bag, 1 kg/bag…

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Ultraviolet fluorescent under visible light, the color is white or nearly transparent,at different wavelengths (254nm, 365 nm) show one or more fluorescent color, including organic, inorganic, twilight and other special effects, beautiful color. The main function is to prevent others from counterfeiting. With high technological content, color hidden good.

product name uv fluorescent pigment
Particle size 3-10 um
Appearance light powder
Feature colorless in normal light, color under UV light 365nm
Excitation wavelength  200-400 nm
Color available Inorganic type: Red, yellow, green, blue,white, purple.
Organic type: Red, yellow, green, blue
Excitation Light Source uv-365nm lamp
Application Anti-Counterfeit printing ink; brand, loterry tickets, security passes; art etc
Printing method offset printing, screen printing, intaglio printing & flexographic printing
Storage should be kept in a dry place under room temperature
Toxicity& Safety passed the EN-71 test


Color Excitation wavelength Maximum emission wavelength
red uv-365 nm 612 nm
yellow uv-365 nm 525 nm
green uv-365 nm 485 nm
blue uv-365 nm 440 nm

UV fluorescent security pigments
color range:

We producer two kinds: organic phosphors & inorganic phosphors

A organic phosphors: Red, yellow-green, yellow, green and blue.

B inorganic phosphors: Red, yellow-green, green, blue, white, Purple.

UV fluorescent security pigments printing method

Offset printing, screen printing, intaglio printing and flexographic printing.

UV fluorescent security pigments Characteristics

A organic phosphors

1. Fluorescence bright color, does not have a hiding power, light penetration rate of 90%.

2.Good solubility, all kinds of oily solvent can be dissolved. Due to different solvency, please choose according to different needs of use.

3. Belongs to dye series, should pay attention to color shift problems.

4. due to poor weather resistance, when you need to add other stabilizers.

5. Heat resistance: maximum temperature of 200 ℃, fit within 200 ℃ high temperature processing.

B inorganic phosphors

1. Fluorescence bright color, good hiding power (opacity can be added free agent).

2. Fine spherical particles, easily dispersed, 98% of the diameter of about 1-10μm.

3.Good heat resistance: maximum temperature of 600, suitable for high-temperature processing of various processes.

4. Good solvent resistance, acid, alkali, high stability.

5. There is no color shift, will not pollution.

6. The non-toxic, it does not overflow when heated formalin, toys and food containers can be used for coloring.

7. Color body does not overflow, when in the injection machine for mold, you can save cleaning procedures.

UV fluorescent security pigments Usage

UV fluorescent security pigments Can be directly added to the ink, paint, forming security fluorescent effect, suggested ratio of 1% to 10%, can be directly added to plastic materials for injection extrusion, suggested ratio of 0.1% to 3%.

1. can be used in a variety of plastics such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, acrylic, urea, melamine, polyester The fluorescent colored resin.

2. Ink: for a good solvent resistance and no color shift of the printing of the finished product does not pollute.

3. Paint: resistance to optical activity three times stronger than other brands, durable bright fluorescence can be used on advertising and Security Full warning printing.

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