Infrared Invisible Pigment (980nm) for Security Printing

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Infrared Invisible Pigment (980nm) also called 980nm up-Conversion Infrared Pigment,It is white color powder form while under infrared ray,it will show color. when move away from infrared ray, it will back to white color;

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Infrared Invisible Pigment (980nm)

Infrared excitation ink/pigment:

Infrared excitation ink is a printing ink giving off visible, bright and dazzling light (red, green and blue) when exposed to infrared light (940-1060nm).

With the features of high technology content, difficulty in copying and high anti-forgery capability,

it can be applied in anti-forgery printing widely, especially in banknotes and gasoline vouchers.


Application :


1. It can be added into oil to make anti-fake oil and anti-fake labels such as those on cigarette packs and alcohol bottles and so on.

 2.  It can be applied in special testing, such as infrared laser detection plate.   

 3. It can be added into plastic film and has a comprehensive anti-fake effect by combining with laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels.

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