UV Fluorescent Security Pigments

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Topwellchem manufacture a range of organic and inorganic security pigments that are excited by both short and long wave UV light (as well as special dual excitation/emission products). Emissions span the range of visible colours and are generally intense and lightfast.

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UV-fluorescent pigment also called Anti-counterfeit pigment. it is colorless, while under UV light, it will show colors.
The active wavelength is 200nm-400nm.
Active peak wavelength is 254nm and 365nm.



Organic and inorganic 

Emission in the visible portion of the spectum following stimulation with either long- or short- wave UV.

Complete range of visible emission colours.

Gasochromic grades available.

A range of particle sizes, lightfastness, body colour and solubilities possible.



High lightfastness options available.

Achieve any desired optical effect within the visible spectrum.

Different price points to suit a variety of applications.

High intensity emissions for strong, clear, colours.


Typical Applications

Security documents:postage stamps,  credit cards, lottery tickets, security passes, etc.

Brand protection. Detect counterfeits coming into the supply chain.


 Also used in

anti-counterfeiting inks,paint, screen printing, cloth, plastic, paper, glass, ceramic, wall, etc…

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