invisible security pigment

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invisible security pigment also called uv fluorescent pigment,Ultraviolet fluorescent Pigment.

These pigments are neutral in color, with a white to off-white powder appearance. Not noticeable when incorporated into security inks, fibres, papers. When irradiated with 365nm UV light, the pigment emits fluorescent radiation of yellow, green, orange, red, blue and violet colors and so is immediately identifiable.


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invisible security pigment


Product Name:invisible security pigment

other name:UV Fluorescent pigment

Appearance: White or off-white powder

Luminous color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Purple

Style: Inorganic/Organic pigment

Irradiated light: 365nm UV light



1)brightly luminous/high luminous;

2)energy-saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless;

3)stability chemical, good water resistance and temperature resistance;

4)Long service life: More than 10 years

★ As the color of UV pigments are not noticeable when incorporated into security inks, fibres and papers, when irradiated with UV light, they emit fluorescent  radiation of fresh colours and so are immediately identifiable;

★Used in postage stamps, currency notes, credit cards, lottery tickets, security passes, etc;

★Apply for architectural decoration, such as hotels and restaurants, discotheques and night clubs, gymnasiums and other public entertainment places for outstanding visible effects.


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