IR Upconverter Pigments 980nm

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Anti-Stokes pigments are luminescent materials which are able to convert near infrared (NIR) laser light to visible (VIS) light. The anti-Stokes shift occurs when the emission is a shorter wavelength than the original excitation wavelength. Generally, the excitation wavelength is a sharply determined near infra-red laser light (980 nm or, in some cases, 940 nm). The effect shows up as a concentrated bright colour spot. 

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IR upconverter pigments are particles that convert infrared light into visible light. Normally, materials that fluoresce are down conversion particles that absorb energy at a higher level (ultraviolet) and emit energy at a lower level (visible). For example, typical ultraviolet lights will cause a visible fluorescence which is a shift down in photon energy levels.

Up-conversion materials are a very rare class of inorganic crystals that can absorb multiple photons at a lower energy level and emit one photon at a higher energy level. The up-conversion process is also called an Anti-Stokes shift

Advanced IR upconverter security pigments to protect documents of value and products against counterfeiting:

  • Elevated security against inorganic IR upconverter features
  • Pigments can be applied in all ink colors; suitable for all printing technologies
  • All pigments delivered with unique, custom-formulated forensic security features
  • Wide range of different upconverter models available

IR Upconverter Piments Applications

  • Passports
  • ID cards
  • Tax stamps
  • Product markings
  • Certificates
  • Warehouse receipts
  • Electronic components
  • Luxury items




IR upconverter pigments that consists of inorganic luminescent particles, which convert incoming invisible IR light to visible light. Depending on the IR upconverter pigment type used, the pigments exposed to IR light emit visible colors such as blue, yellow, orange, red and others.


IR upconverters pigments are invisible to the naked eye, yet easy and reliable to inspect using detection systems or an IR laser pen. In addition, these pigments can be used in all ink colors and are compatible with all printing technologies. This includes intaglio, flexo, screen, rotogravure, offset printing or inkjet, that can be used in a wide range of applications.

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