photochromic pigment

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Photochromic pigments that changes colors when exposed to Sunlight or UV light, and reverts to its original color when sunlight is blocked.The pigment is WHITE indoors, but when you move it outdoor and expose to Sunlight, it turns to your color depending on how strong the sun is and how much Ultra Violet light it absorbs. The process is reversible- when you go back indoor or block UV light, the pigment turns back to its original color- WHITE.

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The product can be used in a variety of applications, including coatings, printing, and plastic injection molding. Due to the flexibility of photochromic powder, it can be applied to a range of substrates, such as ceramics, glass, wood, paper, board, metal, plastic and fabric.

These color changing powders can be used for silk screen printing, gravure printing and flexo printing. They can also be used for plastic injection conforming to PU, PE, PVC, PS and PP. If the temperature does not exceed 230 degrees Celsius, the heating time can be less than 10 minutes. If the temperature exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, please avoid prolonged exposure to temperature.

The photochromic pigment contains a microencapsulated photochromic dye. Photochromic dyes are encapsulated in synthetic resins to provide additional stability and protection from the additional additives and chemicals used in the manufacture of coatings and plastics.

Available Colors:

Rose Violet

Peach Red


Marine Blue

Orange Red

Garnet Red

Carmine Red

Wine Red

Lake Blue




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