Infrared upconversion phosphors pigment IR980nm

Short Description:

Infrared anti-counterfeiting materials in the absorption of 980nm band of invisible light, fast release energy, show bright color fluorescence effect, can convert various invisible infrared band beam into visible light.
When the light source removed, immediately stop emitting light, restore the original state of invisibility.

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Infrared upconversion phosphors pigment all called IR980nm 

The color itself is colorless, but when activated by infrared light it becomes very bright!

we have green,yellow,blue and red,4 colors.

It has the characteristics of sensitive response, rich color, long service life, strong concealment performance, high safety performance, convenient detection and so on. It can effectively realize detection, tracking, identification and proofreading of infrared beam.


This product is suitable for all kinds of printing methods, and will not produce adverse reactions when mixed with any kinds of ink.

Should use:

This product can be mixed into plastics, paper, cloth, ceramics, glass and solution.

Special laser pointer can be used for testing this product

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