UP-CONVERSION Phosphor Anti-Stokes Pigment

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UP-CONVERSION  Phosphor Anti-Stokes Pigment means that the material is excited by light of low energy and emits light of high energy, that is, the material emits light of short wavelength and high frequency after excitation of light of long wavelength and low frequency.

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Up-conversion pigment also called Infrared (up-conversion) luminescent materials

it can convert all kinds of invisible infrared wavebands into visible light, with sensitive response, rich color, long service life, strong concealment performance, high safety performance, convenient detection and other characteristics, can effectively realize detection, tracking, recognition, proofreading of infrared beam.
980nm infrared phosphor is one of the above band products.
up conversion pigment can be mixed into plastics, paper, cloth, ceramics, glass and solution.
it  can be tested with a special 980nm laser pointer.
Infrared color: green, yellow, blue, red

Up-conversion pigment is suitable for offset printing, relief printing, screen printing, flexo printing and other printing methods, and will not produce adverse reactions when mixed with any kinds of ink.

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