Near Infrared absorption dye NIR dye for Laser printing

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Near Infrared Absorbing Dye from ,710nm, 750nm, 780nm, 790nm, 800nm, 815nm, 817nm, 820nm, 830nm,850nm, 880nm, 910nm, 920nm,932nm, 980nm, 1001nm,1064nm, 1070nm , 1082nm

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near infrared absorhin} dyes are mainly used in laser dye, laser disc recording materials, infrared detection [1] materials and ranging, anti-counterfeiting materials, color filters and so on

 Near infrared absorption dyes, also known as near infrared absorbing agent, dye chemistry research in recent years is one of the more functional dyes, this kind of dye can be used as a sensitizing dye, can wipe the CD light color compounds, one-time write storage materials, photosensitizer in photodynamic therapy, laser protective absorbing dyes and electronic camera with infrared absorbing dye,

It has wide application market and huge application potential

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