Near Infrared absorbing dye Max 850nm for security ink and laser protection

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Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Usage: Protective laser filter, Welding, LED filter, Injection molded filter
Brand Name: Topwell
Model Number: NIR 850nm
Type: Near infrared absorbing dyes
Style: Organic Pigment
Color: Red
Form: Powder
MOQ: 100grams
Sample:  Available
Main usage: Filters, Protective laser filters, welding
Package: Plastic bag
Shipment: TNT / Fedex / DHL
More NIR dye: Max 820nm 830nm 880nm

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850nm Near Infrared Absorbing Dye
Appearance: Brownish powder
Absorption max: 850±2nm
Ethanol Solubility: OK
Absorption spectrum: Available.
We produce a collection of narrow notch and broad band absorbing dyes.
Our NIR absorbing dyes from 700nm to 1100nm:
710nm, 750nm, 780nm, 790nm
800nm, 815nm, 817nm, 820nm, 830nm
850nm, 880nm, 910nm, 920nm, 932nm
960nm, 980nm, 1001nm, 1070nm

Our customers select us for our in-depth knowledge of chemistry.
We provide custom NIR dye production services.
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