Infrared Invisible Pigment (980nm) for ink,coating

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infrared invisible pigment (980nm)
A kind of rare earth, with no radioactive component.
After absorbing visual light, sunlight, lamp light, UV light etc, it can store the energy and give off light in dark. This process can be repeated for ever

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Infrared excitation ink/pigment: Infrared excitation ink is a printing ink giving off visible, bright and dazzling light (red, green and blue) when exposed to infrared light (940-1060nm). With the features of high technology content, difficulty in copying and high anti-forgery capability, it can be applied in anti-forgery printing widely, especially in RMB notes and gasoline vouchers.

Product characteristics
1. Photoluminescent pigment is a light-yellow powder, turns to yellow green, blue green, blue, and purple etc colors after being excited by light.
2. The smaller the particle size, the lower the luminance is.
3. Compared with other pigments, photoluminescent pigment can be easily and widely used in many fields.
4. High initial luminance, long afterglow time (Test according to DIN67510 Standard, its afterglow time can be 10, 000 minutes)
5. Its light-resistance, aging-resistance and chemical stability are all good (more than 10 years of life span)
6. It is a new type of environmentally friendly photoluminescent pigment with the characteristics of non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, non-flammability and non-explosibility.

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