Thermochromic pigments for paints,coating,inks

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Thermochromic pigments also called temperature colours can be cold or heat activated.

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Thermochromic pigments are high quality products offering with different activation temperatures for color to colorless (translucent white) or color to color transition. 

The thermochromic pigments are stable under normal conditions with long lasting thermochromic effect. 

The components of the pigment are incapsulated in a plastic micro spheres and can NOT be mixed directly with water. 

The thermochromic pigments could be still used in water-based binders with higher viscosity. The color changing pigments are NON-TOXIC products. For best results please, follow the instructions for use. 

The thermochromic pigments change color reversibly except those marked (IRREVERSIBLE!). The irreversible thermochromic pigmentss change color just ONCE at the indicated activation temperature.

Application & Usage: ABS, PE, PP, PS PVC, PVA PE, PP, PS, PVC, PVA, PET

Nylon Paint: Suitable for surface coating of plastic products made of materials such as ABS. PE, PP, PS, PVC and PVA

Ink: Suitable to be printed on all kinds of materials such as fabric, paper, synthetic membranes, glass, ceramics, timber and more.

Plastic: The high colour density masterbatch can be used together with PE, PP PS, PVC PVA PET or Nylon in plastic injection and extrusion

Furthermore, thermochromic colours are also used in wide range of industries like toys, ceramics, slime, paint, resin, epoxy, nail polish, screen printing, fabric art, body art, play dough, sugru, polymorph and much more.

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