Near Infrared(NIR)dye for infrared photograph,dye lasers

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Near infrared absorption dye, absorption wavelength between 710nm-1070nm

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Near-Infrared absorption dye 

Our type:710nm, 750nm, 780nm, 790nm, 800nm, 815nm, 817nm, 820nm, 830nm,850nm, 880nm, 910nm, 920nm,932nm, 980nm, 1001nm,1064nm, 1070nm , 1082nm

1. Laser protection
2. Filter materials Infrared photography
4. Hot writing display and light stabilizer
5. Laser printing

Product name Near infrared dyes
type 710nm-1070nm
MOQ 0.1kg
Package 1kg,20kgs,25kgs
Feature Near infrared dyes show light absorption in the near infrared area of 700-2000 nm
Applications using these organic dyes include security markings, lithography, optical recording media and optical filters.

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