When under visible light, UV fluorescent powder is white or nearly transparent,excited with different wavelengths (254nm, 365 nm) show one or more fluorescent color,The main

function is to prevent others from counterfeiting. It is a type of  pigment with high technological,and good color hidden..

We producer two kinds: organic phosphors & inorganic phosphors

A organic phosphors: Red, yellow-green, yellow, green and blue.

B inorganic phosphors: Red, yellow-green, green, blue, white, Purple.

UV fluorescent security pigments printing method

Offset printing, screen printing, intaglio printing and flexographic printing.

UV fluorescent security pigments Usage

UV fluorescent security pigments Can be directly added to the ink, paint, forming security fluorescent effect, suggested ratio of 1% to 10%, can be directly added to plastic materials

for injection extrusion, suggested ratio of 0.1% to 3%.

1.can be used in a variety of plastics such as PE, PS, PP, ABS, acrylic, urea, melamine, polyester The fluorescent colored resin.

2.Ink: for a good solvent resistance and no color shift of the printing of the finished product does not pollute.

3.Paint: resistance to optical activity three times stronger than other brands, durable bright fluorescence can be used on advertising and Security Full warning printing.

Post time: Jan-25-2021