Ultraviolet fluorescent anti-counterfeiting powder (also called invisible anti-counterfeiting pigment) appearance is white or colorless powder, through the wavelength of 200-400nm ultraviolet fluorescent lamp irradiation, display light color (fluorescent anti-counterfeiting red, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting blue, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting yellow and green), leaving the ultraviolet fluorescent light source immediately disappeared color.
Anti-counterfeit phosphor can be used repeatedly.
According to different wavelength of excitation source, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting powder can be divided into short wave 254 nm, long wave 365 nm and double wave ultraviolet fluorescence.
Fluorescence color changes are: colorless – color, color – the original color shine, color – another color.
UV anti – counterfeiting phosphor has good water resistance and temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, and a service life of several years or even decades.

Post time: Jun-02-2021